Los Amigos de Los Romeritos (Friends of Los Romeritos) started in 2002. Volunteers who had traveled with Larry Monk, a retired United Methodist minister and his wife Linda (pictured here with Jaime), on mission trips to Guatemala, decided they wanted to provide support for the remarkable programs at Los Romeritos. Today fewer than twenty regular volunteers, with support from over a hundred annual contributors, plus many occasional helpers and donors have created a steady funding stream that supports much of the work of Los Romeritos. However, funds that support Los Romeritossimultaneously support many others in need in Guatemala.

Here's how:

     A small amount of the donated funds are used to purchase Guatemalan crafts from fair-trade workshops and collectives including Ruth y Nohemi. Volunteers in the U. S. sell the crafts and tell the story of Los Romeritos to people who purchase and donate. Funds collected through these sales and donations are sent to the Los Romeritos programs. So, we support not only the children and families of Los Romeritos but also many women and men who can earn reasonable compensation for their honest efforts. Every donation you send supports many deserving people.